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Testimonial 1

Yip I’m that girl who watches every single romantic comedy movie Hollywood churns out and cry at all the right moments and every happy ending has the same effect as chocolate... yes I’m a sap. But thing is in these movies there is always gay moment the lead character comes to some life changing realization and all of a sudden everything begins to fall into place and his or usually her patterns stop reoccurring... and life makes sense. The movies make it look awesome and simple and maybe why a lot of people can’t figure out why they can’t just snap out of it. So the reality I have learned through therapy and specifically EMDR is that it’s not a simple moment when everything falls into place. For me it was over a years worth of hard work that definitely got harder before it got better... Point is it would have to be easier I wasn’t simply treating the symptoms, With EMDR My therapist helped me deal with the core issues that caused the anxiety, patterns, co dependence and general lack of an amazing life... so here’s the corny bit: ‘the ladder that got me out of my rock bottom was definitely EMDR’ and the irony of it was that I genuinely thought it was crap when we started but I was in such a bad state I was willing to give it a chance and thank God I did. I often wanna shake people and say just do this. But it’s everyone’s own journey and they definitely have to get to the point where they want the help and when they do I would definitely suggest EMDR, with an open mind... I have a far deeper understanding of who I am and my why to most things is that much clearer now... 


Even after the clarity Of the work done with EMDR I needed to keep seeing Aliza because i knew why or how but the implementation was hard for me. I did have 20 odd years of undoing to relearn and I couldn’t compute how to do that without professional help... 


It was indeed the best investment I’ve made in myself and I tell everyone about it now cause it’s like that miracle that somehow came along and worked.


Thank you Aliza  

(Anonymous and posted with permission)

Testimonial 2

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for many years.  As the years went by, I noticed significant increase in the pain levels throughout the day. I began experiencing difficulties and painful stiffness after getting out of bed.  Standing up from a chair was very painful and it took a few minutes to 'rev up' my physical body to start moving.  Walking was painful so walking as an exercise method was completely out of the question.

In July 2018, my family and I went on vacation for 10 days to the coast.  I am an active person and love to exercise. I used to go on daily walks but noticed that after about a kilometer, I became very tired and experienced tremendous pain throughout my body. It took a lot of effort to walk back another kilometer to our accommodation. The pain on my lower back,  thighs, knees, ankles and feet were excruciating and I was forced to take at least two days of rest as well as taking pain killers to get rid of some of the discomfort experienced. 

I decided to contact Dr Aliza Bilman to try EMDR  and see if it would work or at least minimise the daily pain I lived with.  I had read extensively about EMDR and was curious to find out if it did work on my condition.  I saw Dr Bilman for 12 sessions of EMDR and Brainstpotting and noticed a significant reduction on the pain levels.  

I am now able to hop down the stairs versus walking very slowly while cringing with pain with every step taken. I am amazed how simple EMDR and Brainspotting are applied and the results are astounding.

Thank you Aliza!

(Anonymous and posted with permission)

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